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What to do when a death occurs Nov 8, 2016

What should I do immediately?
If someone dies at home and his death is expected

Contact your family doctor and your closest relatives.

For example, if death is due to an incurable disease, the doctor will, in most cases, issue a medical certificate about the cause of death to register the death on the list. Death certificate will be given.

After you talk to your GP and are ready, you can switch to Undertaker

If someone dies unexpectedly at home
Call 111 immediately and ask for advice.

Unexpected deaths may need to be reported to the coroner. A coroner is a doctor or lawyer who is responsible for investigating unexpected deaths. You can petition for death or conduct research to determine the cause of death. This might take some time, so you might need to postpone the funeral.

If someone dies at the hospital

Hospitals usually issue medical certificates and requests. They will help you in the next steps that you need to take.

Typically, corpses are kept in hospital morgues until funeral directors or relatives make chapels for recreation or take home.

If someone dies abroad
If someone dies abroad, he registers the death according to the country’s regulations. Register with the South African and rural consuls to receive a consulate’s death certificate and keep records in the RSA.