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Why you should plan ahead Nov 8, 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled 5 Reasons Why You Must Hide You. As I explained in this post, there are many reasons to go with the flow.

But that does not mean that sometimes there is no good reason to plan ahead.

It’s often easiest to find that reason when you think of times when you don’t see things and things don’t go the way you expect them to!

For the purposes of this paper (which is related to travel but can apply to other life adventures), planning is about determining where you are going. Many explore where and what to do. Planning also involves making all kinds of systems and tools to smooth the road and avoid road problems.

Here are five reasons for planning for the future – in your life and while traveling.

Less stress
Not knowing where you are going or what you are doing can be free, but it can be stressful, especially if you are trying to work or do other tasks. And if you plan to take travel insurance in advance, for example, theft or other loss is not a problem.

(Often) cheaper.
If you suddenly clash to reach a place quickly, you may have fewer choices and spend more money. The fare is usually (but not always) cheaper the further you go, and good and affordable accommodation is usually booked in advance.

This can save you time and time.
If you know in advance that a country-specific visa is required or a mountain entrance permit is closed in winter, you won’t be tempted to try an alternative last-minute approach.

You can avoid missing things.
If you know what happens when you commit to a certain plan, you have nothing to lose. In early 2013, we committed to attending my family’s reunion in Washington. If we put together this plan beforehand, we can arrange our other summer plans for the meeting so we won’t miss it. (Although we did not know that in early August was a big holiday in Malaysia, we missed the opportunity to climb Petronas Towers!)

So you can be in the moment later.
Instead of enjoying our last week on Langkawi (the island we spent the last two months in Malaysia fully), we are currently busy figuring out where we want to go next. If we have planned beforehand, we don’t need to worry anymore and just relax.

However, the trick is to find the perfect balance between grand piano planning and initial planning.