Community Social Investment

Youth Support

Our Rationale for playing a role in CSI

As Kupane Funerals is a community based business, we have always been able and ready to help where we can. In the past we've had the priviledged to help in Educational matters, and many other causes involving the youth in general, as well as matters affecting the elderly. Concerning the elderly, Jabulani Old Age Home holds a special place in our hearts, not only for the indigent funerals but also for the general well-being of the residents. Our assistance includes always making sure that their generator is fully topped up with diesel.

Funerals Support for Indigent Families

Due to the fact that in our community, we have families who have dikobo tse khutsoane, we always assist without question. We receive such requests almost on a daily basis. Some may come in via a Ward Council Member, or a church grouping, or even an old lady walking in to our office. Kupane Funerals is commited to always provide the support. We can almost make a claim that we are famous for assisting. Kupane Funerals' rationale to assist, is not to beat our chests but to restore pride to our fellow community members.Therefore we are not too focused on numbers or headcounts but rather the difference that we make in each and every family that we touch.

Interventions Supported Over 30 Years

Education 21
Charities 28
Community Support 15
Indegent Families 34
Youth Programmes 17
Support for the SAPS 10